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S&C for Youth Athletes Workshop

Over 30 coaches attend S&C workshop


On Monday the 24th of July, Athletic Evolution, delivered a 2 hour workshop on “Strength and Conditioning for Youth Athletes” on behalf of the Canalview Community Sports Hub. Rob Anderson delivered an in-depth and highly enjoyable session covering various topics regarding strength and conditioning for youth athletes. During his presentation, Rob debunked some of the myths and fallacies surrounding this area, shared how to effectively programme elements of S&C into technical training and explained why youth athletes should not just be treated as "mini-adults". 

The session wasn’t just confined to the classroom based knowledge bombs, with Rob taking those in attendance through a 40 minute pitch based practical session covering warm up, flexibility and conditioning drills.

For those that missed the session, Rob has kindly put his slides up on his blog for those interested. Click here for slides.

The session was also recorded so please look out for some video content in the future!

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