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Training and Education

By improving the quality of coaching education opportunities within the Community Sport Hub, this will ensure that players, parents and volunteers will continue to be involved in Sport. With a huge variety of Sporting activities in the area it is essential that we have qualified coaches in place to deliver the activities.  Coaching Edinburgh is a service which helps current and potential coaches to develop their coaching skills. Anyone can become a coach and many find it incredibly fulfilling. We also want to increase the quality and the number of coaches within Edinburgh to support sport across the city.

"We are very excited to extend the ongoing support to Edinburgh’s dedicated coaching community with the launch of three new scholarship stages," said Gavin Macrae Club, Coach and Volunteer Development Officer. "We now have the ability to offer coaches access to specific practical resources to allow them to reach their potential. We believe that in today's difficult financial climate that investing in people is a priority to ensure the continued strengthening of our well trained workforce.”

Coaching Edinburgh Scholarships can be applied for by both newcomers and current coaches. The financial assistance and guidance is ultimately designed to assist those who show a high level of commitment to their sport and their sports coaching. The scholarships are awarded across the spectrum of participation to performance, from the part-time coach to the career coach

The new scheme will support coach development through a 3 staged coach scholarship programme. You can apply for:




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