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SPORT Fitness & Multisport LOCATION Boroughmuir Rugby Club, 60g Colinton Road EH14 1AS
We are an independent, ‘working’ gym and like it that way. We believe that fitness is a lifestyle, which is why we support members to get fit but more importantly stay fit because you enjoy the great mix of training and classes we offer. The Energy Team get a buzz from seeing you at the gym, ideally daily.  We love to challenge you with new workouts, new kit and techniques so that you don’t get bored, have fun and achieve the results you want.
The Gym: We have a fantastic weights and training area with a diverse range of kit to ensure you can do any type of workout including compound, muscle building and/or isolation training.  This includes free weights as well as state-of-the-art Cybex isolation machines.
Heavy weights for the bigger boys & girls: We also have a great range of free weights and fixed weight machines supplemented by heavy chains to satisfy serious weight trainers/body builders.
Cardio Suite: We have a large selection of cardio machines, treadmills, arc trainers, stationary bikes, concept2 rowers and kayak machines to provide the warm up, cool down and hard-core cardio training you need.
‘Different Training Options’: We get bored easily at Energy Gym which is why we offer different kit and ways of training not necessarily available from other gyms.  We will ensure that you will never get bored and more importantly always push your body to the next level:
Kettlebells -
Battling Ropes –
Spartan Rig –
TRX rig –
The Spin Studio: We have a 14 bike Spin Studio where our ‘in house’ instructors lead you through some challenging classes including hill climbs, sprints and ‘team’ events.  Spinning is ideal for all fitness levels as you can adjust resistance, increasing it as your fitness improves.   A spin class is a great way to burn calories and improve cardio vascular fitness fast.  Booking is essential.
The Studio: We have a 40 metre studio which is used to stage a variety of great classes from circuits and toning to Bootcamps & Zumba.  Our members use the studio between classes, setting up their own workouts plus we also run bespoke training sessions and classes for sports clubs here.
The Coffee & Protein Bar:We have a great bar where you can pick up coffee, protein shakes and snacks to go – ideal after a tough training session.



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