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Why we are here...


Welcome to the Canalview Community Sport Hub. Based in the south west of Edinburgh, in and around the Colinton area, we look to support a range of different sports and clubs to help develop sport in the local community. Our hub currently has over 23 different sport and physical activity providers offering a range of different sports and activities. These clubs & groups offer safe, fun and engaging opportunities for the local community to get fit, try something new and meet new people.

Vision: For the Canalview Community Sport Hub to be recognised within the local sporting, and wider community, as a welcoming and vibrant hub that encourages participation in sport & physical activity with strong clubs at its heart.

Mission: The Canalview Hub will aim increase its, and associated clubs, pro-files and positions in the hub locality. This will be achieved through effective marketing & promotion, development of strong working relationships with key partners and offering support for the hub clubs to develop themselves and the services they offer.

Values:           Sport First

Club & People Development

Providing the pathways


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